Vodka ✧ He/It/Honk ✧ A mf




Hah, what an epic page, just look at that plante spin
/procceds to do a cock joke

Feeling kinda high?
well, check out the phone version!

About Me



tbh, idk who is this gy, but the image is pretty funny to me
hadnsome funny guy, so damn swag.

Sorry for the fakes adds lol
(better view in pc)

✧ Usernames or whatever: Vodka/Kyltro/A.K.A.
✧ IRL names: Zachary or Ren, np
✧ Minor (27/9)
✧ Chilean (esp/eng), terremoto y choripan
✧ Agneder Fluid, Aegfo aroace, Xenogender :-]]
✧ Pronouns: He/Him It/It's/That Honk/Honks/Honkself Acid/Acids/Acidself Bones/Boneself (prononusn page btw)
✧ L-Libra, don't atack me pls
✧ ENTP 8w7
✧ Swag fanaertist

✧ Handsome dark-haired boy, fucjed up teeths (with bracets) semi english-speaker but spanish-speaker wih a shitty orthography.
im sofunee. and swa g, and fuinny and swag and hot
✧ Likes: Multifandom shits, goth?/soft/weirdcore/steampunk/dark academia/vampirecore/webcore(i mean, just look this page)/vaporwave aesthEtics, mEmes, rams, goats, frogs, cows <3, gore or horror (ARGs, analog horror, psyvhological horror, smth with jumpscares) , Cartoons, Theets, eyes, flesshy stiff, bones, fucking minecraft content, old stuff, cookir run tbh, draw in msPaint and in my phone :-]✧ Shits i ducjinh hatr: #JackoPoseChallenge, romaniticize mental illnes, Danganronpa (sorry, but is weird), being triggered or overstimulated, constant offensive jieks, furry porn, edgy ppl, kidcore?, Arian(/j), "the tipical gen-z teenagr", sing or ppl singing (dificult to explain actually), disrespedct boundaries and/or triggers, "drAw me PlEAsE?", slurs you cant reclain, disrepcect neos and/or xenogenders, constant jokes about self harm or abour killinf youserlf, ASMR (what does a. s m. r. even mean/srs/gen)


and idk what tf more put here, so,, thats all for the moment. sorry

.˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ .